Data-driven services and training customized to improve your business through effective leadership, culture modification, strategic planning, and risk-mitigation.

Organizational Effectiveness

Since the 1970's, statistics have shown that 70% of organizational change projects fail.  Because of this many companies are hesitant to implement changes, even though the potential return is well worth it.  As your partner we will work with you to identify and mitigate risks, uncover opportunities, and provide you with a road map for success.  

We recognize an organization’s goals and needs evolve. With that in mind, we craft an organizational design that not only meets your current needs, but one that positions your organization for future success.

  • Mergers and Acquisitions  - M&A

  • Large- and Small-Scale Process Changes

  • Organizational Design & Transformation

  • Talent & Performance Management

  • Implementing New Equipment Or Technology

  • Succession Planning

  • HR Process Improvement

  • Policy Development Services


Mergers and Acquisitions

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Our M&A services involve us taking a close look at each factor of your business to ensure each process is set up for success.  From mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs, divestitures, joint ventures and bankruptcies, we will provide you with sound counsel to ensure the health of your human capital is protected throughout each process.

Our team is comprised of global leaders in human capital transformation and transactions.  For you, that means well rounded support with a focus on cost efficiency and stability by offering you the following consulting services:

  • Due Diligence Support

  • Change management

  • Culture Planning and Transformation

  • Detailed assessments and strategic plans for leadership

  • Development of staffing models and organizational structure

  • Workforce needs analysis and modeling

  • Legal entity establishment and HR set up

Cultural Alignment Consulting

Through Cultural DNA Assessments, we assess and identify your cultural DNA, building customized execution strategies to enhance leadership influence, communication, global inclusion and diversity.  Our goals it to help you establish and maintain a corporate culture that is aligned with your core values to ensure your employees and customers feel valued.

Workplace Training

There is no better way to significantly build the performance and culture of your workplace then by providing your employees with valuable training.  All of our workplace training courses can be customized based on your organization’s unique business needs and challenges. We also tailor information to the sophistication of the audience. In all of our sessions, we encourage participants to help direct the discussion and focus of the course. This allows us to pinpoint and address issues that may be prevalent in a particular organization.

  • Employment Law and Corporate Compliance: Harassment prevention,

  • Human Resources Skills - Strategic Recruiting, Coaching, Performance Management

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